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Keen attention to details and customer care are the fundamental pillars upon which our Vintage Car Rental Company is built. Professionally and reliability are the driving forces that guide our commitment.

Car Park

Car Park

Our continuously enlarging Car Park offers you a wide range of models among which to choose from. We have enchanting Vintage Cars inspired to the Roaring 20’s, perfect for a Great Gatsby midnight party mood, and gorgeous Luxury Cars as well for a super-glam event.

Car park

Get yourself a gift!

Entrust Vintage Car Rental Professionals to drive you on your special event.

Car park

Classic Cars

Classic Cars is based in Vinovo, a wonderful green area few miles for Turin city. Our Vintage Car Rental Company aims to satisfy all customer need and requests. We are born to respond to the inner desire of whom, maybe for a special event, for a Wedding or for simple love & passion as well, is willing to invest in a four-wheels’ jewel to crown a special moment. We rent our Vintage Cars for luxury weddings and events, for shootings and advertising, marketing & promotion, film sets and as official car as well.

Our continuously enlarging Car Park consists of the most magnificent Vintage Vehicles that wrote the International Car History through the years. The accurate attention and sensibility with which we choose and own our Cars allowed us to build, through time, or Royal Vintage Car Park.

Our passionate team, made out for reliable experts and professionals of the Car Industry, works hard to maintain the top level position gained through time: we personally check, with great care, our cars before and after each service and we personally manage our vehicles and our duties.

Our Vintage Car Rental Service provides you with an extremely customized service according to your special needs and requests.

Through the years we managed to reach the highest peek in the Vintage Car Rental Business becoming an important reference point not only among Turin but to all Northen Italy as well, often winning international weddings with couples coming from each part of the world that organize their Big Day in our enchanting country!

We personally handle each single service as if it was the most precious ever! We take care of our clients and, with professionally and reliability, efficiency and expertise, we won, through the years, the Market top level Leadership in the Luxury Vintage Car Renal Business and we work hard with commitment to maintain this leading position and keeping our standards as high as possible.

Get yourself a gift: reward yourself and buy yourself a dream! Entrust Vintage Car Rental Professionals to drive you on your special event

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